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Foil vs. Rotary

What’s the difference? While foil and rotary shavers use different technologies, both deliver unparalleled results. The one that’s right for you depends on a few factors such as your shaving routine and type of hair. Use this handy guide to find the one that will work best for you.

How They Work

Rotary literally means revolving or spinning. Designed to follow the contour of the face, as you move the shaver in a circular motion hairs slip into openings in the heads and are cut off. The circular motion makes it easier to maneuver around difficult areas such as the neck and chin. Rotary shavers give you the best results when you have strong hair growth and are cutting longer hairs. They are ideal for people that don’t shave every day, especially those that go the weekend without shaving and want a clean shave on Monday.

The term Foil refers to the thin layer of metal that covers the blades therefore it’s gentle to sensitive skin. The foil captures the hair with its slots, cutting it close to the skin, offering a closer shave compared to rotary. They also deliver a more precise finish when defining straight edges, such as trimming around sideburns. Foil works best for those that shave daily.

Which One is Right for You?

Remington Products Technology and Gadget Guide Foil vs Rotary

Use a Rotary Shaver If you…

Shave infrequently
Have thick or coarse hair
Have hair that grows in many directions
Don’t clean your shaver as often
Don’t need the closest shave

Remington Products Technology and Gadget Guide Foil vs Rotary

Use a Foil Shaver If you…

Shave every day
Have fine hair
Have straight hair growth
Clean your shaver often
Want an exceptionally close shave
Want more precision